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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

People at the gym

I generally workout at home, if you are like me you may enjoy my post detailing the best home gym equipment, however I do also go to the gym and I always find it funny that no matter what gym you are at there are always the same types of people there:

The Poser

The poser spends most of their time on the free weights doing bicep curls whilst looking in the mirror, they also normally have the latest "gear" and are known to wear their sunglasses on their heads whilst working out. The only time their gaze leaves the mirror is when a person of the opposite sex walks in, they then spend their time winking at this person and then looking back in the mirror.

The Lazy Husband

Now I know the title of this post is "at the gym" and technically this person does have a gym membership, however they never actually set foot in the gym itself. They can normally be found in the jacuzzi, sauna, the steam room, lounging round the swimming pool or at the bar. One can only assume that the lazy husband's wife has forced him to go to the gym to "shift a few pounds" and to keep her happy he goes every week which he duly does but little does she know he is using the time as a chance to escape.

Bicep and Chest Exerciser

For lack of a better name; the bicep and chest exerciser spends all of their time either exercising their biceps or their chest, no other body part receives any kind of exercise especially not the legs. These people are easily spotted by their big arms and chest but skinny back and matchstick legs.


Now the newbie is, as the name describes, the new person to the gym who really does not know what they are doing and we all started there at some point. You can spot them when they are jumping from one machine to the next, lifting the weights until that body part is tiered and then moving to the next machine. These people could do with your help; if you can spare five minutes talk them through a routine, they will appreciate it and you never know you may recruit a new expert spotter.

The Poor Person who has Signed up to a Personal Trainer

Firstly not all personal trainers are bad, however most of the ones I've seen are terrible. Anyway this person will be spotted whilst they balance on an exercise ball with a weight in each hand doing 50 reps of something. Every now and again someone will walk over, ask poor person to put their legs over their head and contort into a new position to start another 50 reps.

So any I've missed?

Site finally updated,

I've finally updated my lose fat today site. I decided to go back over to wordpress, I originally hated it however the more time I spend on it the more I realize how versatile it is and actually how an someone who only has the ability to copy and paste HTML/PHP can actually do with it.

Anyway just to update the links on here as the old ones will go to the wrong places, we have Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout which goes into detail of Brad Pitt's diet and work out plan and my opinion of it. There will be more celebrity workout plans coming.

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, I unveil the secret which everyone online is trying to sell to you.

How to lose belly fat which is pretty self explanatory.

The new site design is still not fully finished but I'm much happier with the layout, there will be more updates to follow.

Monday, 7 May 2012

I unveil the top secret fat loss secret..

I have decided to unveil the top secret fat loss secret on by site, have a read, the answer may be something you weren't expecting...

New site now live...

I've now changed the theme on the site Lose fat today however I'm still not fully happy with it, so I may go back to a wordpress style site. If the site doesn't work at any point tonights it because I've decided to go for a wordpress site...
Welcome to my blog

I'm the owner and creator of where I share quality information, backed up by research, studies and my own personal experience. A lot more information will be added to there soon. Obviously as the name says the biggest area I will cover will be fat loss however I will also add information about muscle building and good work out regimes. Just like to add here the site is new, there will be a lot of updates to it over the next few days/weeks one of which will be designing it so it looks a lot more nicer however I'm not a web designer so bear with me. Which brings me on to this blog, I've decided to create so I can add quick information, my ramblings and answer questions my users may have. So any questions feel free to ask me, you can comment on the blog or email me at This pretty much covers my reasons for starting a blog, more information will be coming soon.

Intermittent Fasting

A big thing I follow, and something I've been following for the last 6 months, is intermittent fasting (IF). This seems to go against everything we have been taught by the weight loss/body building community for the last few decades however a lot of studies have shown it is actually better for us (I will discuss this more on my site later). Unlike how we have been led to believe, I have not lost muscle and my fat loss has not stalled or reversed or anything else. I highly recommend everyone to give IF a go.