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Monday, 7 May 2012

Welcome to my blog

I'm the owner and creator of where I share quality information, backed up by research, studies and my own personal experience. A lot more information will be added to there soon. Obviously as the name says the biggest area I will cover will be fat loss however I will also add information about muscle building and good work out regimes. Just like to add here the site is new, there will be a lot of updates to it over the next few days/weeks one of which will be designing it so it looks a lot more nicer however I'm not a web designer so bear with me. Which brings me on to this blog, I've decided to create so I can add quick information, my ramblings and answer questions my users may have. So any questions feel free to ask me, you can comment on the blog or email me at This pretty much covers my reasons for starting a blog, more information will be coming soon.

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